• 1. Constant Change

    - Markets constantly change,
    - politics constantly change,
    - environments constantly change

    The resilience of your people is the difference between success and failure of your organisational change initiatives

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    1. Constant Change
  • 2. Our Process

    Our processes assist you to join the 30% of organisations who successfully manage change ensuring:
    *Clear understanding of your audience
    *Clarity of your objectives
    *Creating the best strategy to get there
    *Identifying tools & processes that meet your requirements
    *Embedding & sustaining your positive outcome

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    2. Our Process
  • 3. Our Results 3. Our Results

    Move from the 70% of change projects who fail to the 30% who succeed by helping your people:
    * Engage and connect
    * Understand your objectives
    * Understand their role in the strategy
    * Co-create, achieve ownership & reduce resistance
    * Accelerate performance & commitment through engagement

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We help enterprises & their people let go of old ideas to inspire and create room for new ones

Constant Change

If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less. - General Eric Shinseki (Chief of Staff US Army)

How we do it

Working with you to increase your capability in our P5 framework of People, purpose, pathway, planning & persistence

Our Results

Our objective is to work with you and your people to achieve a clearly defined action plan for implementing successful outcomes

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The Change Management Toolbox is the culmination of decades of research, experience, learnings and passion, assisting organisational leaders and their people to deliver successful, sustainable change initiatives with cutting edge practices and methodologies. We work with you to develop your organisational capability to achieve successful change. – The average failure rate for change projects is… [...]